Saturday, January 24, 2015

Basic Networking Commands

Today, i am going to teach you about the commands which are used daily in networking.These commands are also used in hacking for information gathering purposes about the target.Learn and practice the commands given below -:

1.Ping                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ping is a important tool used very commonly to check, the host is online or not means, its is connected to network or not. It also mean, the host we are trying to ping  is accessible from your computer or not. I am showing you the example in the picture shown below-


2.Tracert                                                                                                                                                                                          Tracert is a command tool used to trace the route from your computer to Host computer . It uses ICMP (internet control messaging protocol) to trace the route. It just lists the  hops or routers comes in between while reaching the host computer  from your own computer.


3.Nslookup                                                                                                                                                                                      Nslookup is a command line tool which acts like a reverse-dns of any Ip address. This resolves the Ip address to Domain name.Just see below to know more


4.Netstat                                                                                                                                                                                            Netstat is a tool to list the connections to foreign addresses with their port numbers . This is very useful tool. It lists all the TCP and UDP connections . Command is “netstat -an”


Thursday, January 22, 2015

VANETs and ITS: Useful Links

VANETs      : Vehicular Area Networks
ITS              : Intelligent Transportation System

Online Resources for VANETS

Vehicular Networking Technologies lab, University of Trento

Vehicular Adhoc Networks blog1

Vehicular Adhoc Networks blog2
SpringerLink - Fulltext
NS2 使用說明手冊
simulation | SciVee
STRAW - STreet RAndom Waypoint - vehicular mobility model for network simulations (e.g., car networks)
NS2 for Wireless - NS - NetEmu 网络模拟器
NS2 Notebook: How to Use Matlab in NS2
Inter-Vehicular Network Technologies - New Jersey Institute of Technology
vanet search result -
NOW: Network On Wheels Repository - [gsd4ns2] Index of /gsd
ns-2 Simulation Code and Examples
Ad hoc networks using ns2 learning (video) [primary, secondary] - May 28 update - NS - Network simulation software - Best Forum
STRAW - STreet RAndom Waypoint - vehicular mobility model for network simulations (e.g., car networks)
D1.3.9-v1-Simulation and evaluation of realistic MEU ad-hoc communications in CARLINK scenarios by using VanetMobiSim/Ns-2 | SciVee
Mission & Objectives
Opnet 16.1, Eos Software
Linux - VOIP - Telephony - Vehicular Adhoc Network Simulation With NS2, SUMO, MOVE
VANET Project
SpringerLink - Fulltext
NS2 installation in windows 7 using cygwin
NCTUNS 4.0 Installation Help | My Thoughts
Vanet Simulation Matlab
SIMREAL technology Homepage
GrooveNet Vehicular Network Simulator :: University of Pennsylvania & Carnegie Mellon
Simulation |
Traffic and Network Simulation Environment — LCA SUMO-GUI - sumo Tutorials - sumo Tutorials/Quick Start - sumo
CiteULike: Group: VANET - library 16 articles
Install NCTUNS 6.0 in Fedora 12 | Ramblings of the Underground
Data Aggregation and Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Download Details | OMNeT++ 4.2rc1 win32 (source + IDE + MINGW, zip)
JiST - Java in Simulation Time / SWANS - Scalable Wireless Ad hoc Network Simulator
Marc Greis' Tutorial for the UCB/LBNL/VINT Network Simulator "ns"
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, free PDF download
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking - Overview

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Python file extensions

Various file extensions in Python:

Here follows a list of Python file extensions. I request the readers to add any more missing file extensions, related to python environment.

file extension Description
.py regular python source code script
.pyc compiled Bytecode Script

.pyo optimized  .pyc script, resulted when the invoked with -O option

Python script for Windows.

It is executed with pythonw.exe. Useful in cases where the script need to be executed in the background, without resulting in console output


Python script, as a Windows DLL file.

Useful when we dont want to reveal the source code, but only the application to the client

.pxd Cython script, which is equivalent to a C/C++ header
.pyx Cython source code which is to be converted to C/C++

.pth used to add import path for site-packages

(rarely used) Python3 script.

In general, Python3 scripts usually end with ".py" not  ".py3"


Python script archive (PEP 441);

Contains compressed Python scripts (ZIP) in binary form after the standard Python script header.

It is a platform independent file format


Python script archive for MS-Windows (PEP 441);

Contains compressed Python scripts (ZIP) in binary form after the standard Python script header.

It is for windows platform only.

.py[cod]  It is a wildcard notation in ".gitignore" which means the file may be either ".pyc",   ".pyo", or ".pyd". 



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seminar Topic

List of Seminar Topics

1. 5G mobile communication
2. Paper battery
3. Smart antenna for mobile communication
4. Smart note taker
5. Embedded web technology
6. Low energy efficiency wireless
7. Communication network design
8. Seminar on artificial passenger
9. Blue eyes technology
10. Touch screen technology
11. Traffic pulse technology
12. Pill camera
13. Night vision technology
14. Space mouse
15. Nano-technology
16. Global positioning system and its application
17. Tsunami warning system
18. Smart dust core architecture
19. Advanced technique for RTL
20. Debugging
21. Optical fiber communication
22. Digital image processing
23. Embedded system
24. Electronic watchdog
25. Telephone conversation recorder
26. Aeronautical Communications
27. Agent oriented programming
28. Air cars
29. Animatronics
30. Artificial Eye
31. Augmented reality
32. Automatic Teller Machine
33. Autonomic Computing
34. BIBS
35. Bi-cmos technology
36. Bimolecular Computers
38. Bio-magnetism
39. Biometric technology
41. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
42. Boiler Instrumentation
43. Brain-Computer Interface
44. Bluetooth technology
45. 3-G Vs Wi-Fi
46. Future generation wireless network
47. Bluetooth based smart sensor network
48. White LED
49. Gesture recognition using accelerometer
50. Cellular digital data packet
51. Telecommunication Network PPT
52. Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles
53. Application of Swarm Robots
54. Embedded Systems Final Year Seminar Topic on Smart Phones technology
55. Future Satellite Communication  
56. 3D image technique and multimedia application
57. Storage area network
58. The making of quantum dots
59. The mp3 standard
60. The Vanadium Red ox Flow Battery System
61. Thermal infrared imaging technology
62. Turbo codes
63. Ultra wide band technology
64. Virtual Reality
65. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
66. Web based remote device monitoring
67. Organic electronics
68. Packet Cable Network
69. Packet Switching chips
70. Personal Area Network
71. Printable RFID circuits
72. Mesh Radio
73. Microelectronic Pills
74. Military Radars
75. Android
76. Control of environment parameter in a green house
77. 3D traditional and modeling
78. Home based wireless work monitoring system
79. Sun tracker
80. PC interfaced voice recognition system
81. Cyber security
82. Big data visualization
83. Interactive public display
84. Next generation mobile computing
85. Multicore memory coherence
86. Renewable Energy Source Biomass
87. Matter Energy
88. Fusion Technology
89. Electronic Ballast
90. Stepper Motor & its Application
91. Radial Feeder Protection
92. Solar Tower Technology
93. Electric Locomotive
94. Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line
95. Flexible A.C. Transmission
96. D.C. Arc Furnace
97. Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter
98. Feeder Protective Relay
99. Hydrogen The Future Fuel
100. Quality of electrical power
101. Phase Locked Loop
102. Architecture of an Electric Vehicle
103. 66 K.V. Switch Yards
104. Flexible Photovoltaic Technology
105. DSP For Motor Control
106. Vector control Of Induction Motor
107. Uninterrupted Power Supply
108. Protection of Distribution System
109. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
110. 66kv Receiving Sub-Station
111. Nano Fuel Cell
112. Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
113. Relay Performance Testing With High Technology
114. Production of & Protection against Surge
115. HVDC Converter
116. CT scanning
117. Extra high voltage transmission lines
118. Feeder protection
119. Electrical vehicle
120. Energy conversation by soft start
121. Dust collection and scrubbing tech
122. DSP on motor control
123. Earthquake leakage circuit beaker
124. Energy efficient motor
125. Flexi
126. Field oriented control drive without shaft sensors
127. 12 phase capacitor
128. Cable modem
129. Cluster meter system
130. Advancement in inverter technology for industrial application
131. Broadband over power line
132. Development of superconducting rotating machines
133. Direct to home (DTH)
134. E-bomb
135. Smart card technology
136. Fuzzy logic technology
137. MEMS
138. Smart material technology
139. Neural networks
140. Simple heat sensor
141. Traffic signal control
142. Electromagnetic bomb
143. E-mail alert system
144. Energy saving fan
145. Electronic fuel injection
146. Direct fuel methanol fuel cell
147. Dual core processor
148. Compensation of harmonic current utilizing AHC
149. AC Cable versus DC Cable Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms
150. Adaptive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit
151. Automatic Solar Tracker
152. Artificial Intelligence in Power Station
153. Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite
154. Hybrid Electric Vehicle
155. Optical Technology In Current Measurement
156. The Universal Current Sensor
157. Nuclear Batteries
158. Large Scale Power Generation Using Fuel Cell
159. Surge current protection using superconductors
160. Solar Power Generation
161. Buck Boost Transformer
162. Infrared thermograph
163. Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
164. Surge Current Protection Using Superconductors
165. Blue jacking
166. Sixth sense technology
167. 5G mobile technology
168. Nano scale material and device for future communication network
169. Nokia morph technology
170. Confidential data storage and deletion
171. Helio-display
172. Issue of routing IN VANET
173. Touch screen with feelings
174. Femtocells technology
175. Apple- a novel approach for direct energy weapon control
176. Optical Ethernet
177. Transparent electronics
178. Bubble power
179. Hawkeye
180. Data loggers
181. Bluetooth network security
182. Silicon on plastic
183. Human robot interaction
184. Poly fuse
185. Non visible imaging
186. Nuclear battery- daintiest dynamos
187. Mobile IPv6
188. HART communication
189. E-textile
190. FPGA in space
191. Indoor Geo-location
192. Ultra conductors
193. GMPLS
195. Multi-sensor fusion and integration
196. Laser communication
197. Iontophoresis
198. Organic display
199. Introduction to internet protocol
200. Cathode ray tube display
201. Global system for mobile communication(GSM)
202. Smart quill
203. Automatic number plate recognition
204. Military radar
205. MIMO wireless channels
206. Telephone router
207. Speed sensor
208. Microcontroller based dissolving process control
209. Local PCO meter
210. Railway switch and signals
211. Card based security system
212. Cordless power controller
213. Weather station
214. Temperature monitoring 
215. Internet of things
216. Network convergence
217. Big data analytics
Cloud computing
219. Next gen Security issues
220. WEB operating systems
221. Peer to peer systems
222. Machine Learning
223. Artificial Intelligence



Initiating static local HTTP Server using different scripting languages

Initiating HTTP Server using different scripting languages ---------------------------------------------------------- Python -------...