Friday, October 17, 2014

List of Websites to get free e-books

Here follows the list of websites to download e-books for free.


These two websites offer 4 to 5 free downloads per day. Best advantage is that we need not go for any sign-in process or clicking on an advertisement.

In this website, apart from downloading in pdf format, one can download in many other e-book formats.





This website provides file in word (.doc), powerpoint (.ppt) and pdf file formats.

This website provides books in pdf format, but we should wait for 12-15 seconds and enter a Captcha code. But no need to sign-in.

This is another decent website of downloading ebooks in .pdf format, with no advertisement and no signing in.

This is one of the best websites for downloading technical and professional certification related books. No sign-in, no captcha and no disturbing advertisements.

This is one of the popular website for downloading books, presentations and other  documents. Here, not all documents are free, few are free and others must be purchased. Need to sign-in and upload our documents or pay for downloading.

Note: Not all books come with .pdf (portable documentation format) format. Other popular ebook formats are .ePub and .djvu formats, which deserve us to install (free) ePub reader and djvu reader, respectively.

PS: I request the readers to add more such websites, in the comments.

Disclaimer: There may be copyright violated material in those websites, for which the author is not responsible.

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