Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NS-2 related popular blogs

Blogs play a vital role in letting us understand many complex issues in simple words. Even ns-2 is not exception for it. Here, follows few popular ns-2 blogs.

Popular NS-2 blogs:

1. Marc Greis' Tutorial

2. ns2Blogger
3. ns2 by pradeep kumar
4. durgeshkshirsagar Blog
5. elmurod
6. enggeddu
7. Karthick Siva's Blog
8. ns2 tutorials blog
9. script for black hole attack
10. Articles by norbert_jxl
11. ns-2sourcecode blog
12. byuvraj blog on ns2, nam and xgraph
13. Wireless Network security blog
14. Adding new packet types to NS-2
15. How to send user data in NS2
16. NS2 Wireless Sample Programs

TCL to C++ conversion:


PS: I request you all to post in comments any such blogs, just as to help the ns-2 research community.

Monday, August 4, 2014

How to send a fake(or Phishing) Email

Phishing Email, or a Fake Email.
Yes, anyone can make it.
You can send a mail to anyone using others' Email ID.
Yes, this can be done by any layman, without hacking their Email ID, using Email forging tool.

Step 1: click this link of democraticprogrammers.

Step 2: Enter Receivers' mail ID, and your proposed fake Email ID, followed by a fake name and subject.

Step 3: Then, click the send button, and it was over.

Note: What an Idea! One Email can change your life. So, be careful when using this!!! 

Initiating static local HTTP Server using different scripting languages

Initiating HTTP Server using different scripting languages ---------------------------------------------------------- Python -------...