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Basic Networking Commands

Today, i am going to teach you about the commands which are used daily in networking.These commands are also used in hacking for information gathering purposes about the target.Learn and practice the commands given below -:

1.Ping                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ping is a important tool used very commonly to check, the host is online or not means, its is connected to network or not. It also mean, the host we are trying to ping  is accessible from your computer or not. I am showing you the example in the picture shown below-


2.Tracert                                                                                                                                                                                          Tracert is a command tool used to trace the route from your computer to Host computer . It uses ICMP (internet …

VANETs and ITS: Useful Links

Python file extensions

Various file extensions in Python:Here follows a list of Python file extensions. I request the readers to add any more missing file extensions, related to python environment.file extensionDescription.pyregular python source code script.pyccompiled Bytecode Script

.pyooptimized  .pyc script, resulted when the invoked with -O option.pyw
Python script for Windows.It is executed with pythonw.exe. Useful in cases where the script need to be executed in the background, without resulting in console output.pyd
Python script, as a Windows DLL file.Useful when we dont want to reveal the source code, but only the application to the client.pxdCython script, which is equivalent to a C/C++ header.pyxCython source code which is to be converted to C/C++

.pthused to add import path for site-packages.py3
(rarely used) Python3 script.In general, Python3 scripts usually end with ".py" not  ".py3".pyz
Python script archive (PEP 441);Contains compressed Python scripts (ZIP) in binary form aft…

Seminar Topic

List of Seminar Topics
1.5G mobile communication
2. Paper battery
3. Smart antenna for mobile communication
4. Smart note taker
5. Embedded web technology
6. Low energy efficiency wireless
7. Communication network design
8. Seminar on artificial passenger
9. Blue eyes technology
10. Touch screen technology
11. Traffic pulse technology
12. Pill camera
13. Night vision technology
14. Space mouse
15. Nano-technology
16. Global positioning system and its application